Are you or a loved one experiencing unexpected or increasing limited mobility?


Were you born with a disability? Are you or a loved one experiencing limited mobility following an accident? Do you have aging parents that want to stay in their home? Are you an injured veteran? Rather than search for a new place, allow us at Peabody Construction to make your existing residence work for you again through accessible bathroom remodeling services. We follow the commercial ADA accessibility guidelines, except tailor this to residential homes, to foster independent living for those facing physical limitations.



Making your home wheelchair accessible may seem like an impossible task! But don't fear, here at Peabody Construction, we have more than a decade experience modifying homes for limited mobility. Enlarging doorways is a necessary part of making your bathroom handicap accessible. This includes removing the existing door, potentially relocating light switches, widening the frame, repairing affected flooring or walls and then installing a new wider door. As well, we ensure a smooth floor transition between your bathroom and the other parts of the house.

Padded shower chair with arms and back in bathroom with bright tile wall and floor. Suitable arrangement for elder parents.


Ensuring safety in the bath or shower is crucial, as the wet conditions can cause dangerous conditions for those with limited mobility. If you have a bathtub, there are a few options for remodel: modifying to be a walk-in tub or motorized seats so there is no need to climb over. Another option is a roll-in shower, including a curbless shower with a large opening to allow for wheelchair and walker access. In all cases, installing grab bars in all bathing areas is a requirement. In addition, non-slip flooring to minimize the risk of slipping is extremely important.

Basin in disabled toilet with copy space


Ensuring easy access to sinks, faucets and vanities is a regular part of the accessible bathroom modification process. This includes a sink mounted directly to the wall, with enough clearance to provide open knee space, especially if the user is in a wheelchair. Low drawers should also be considered, without blocking leg space. For the faucet we install, hands-free sensors or single-handle faucets which can be easily adjusted without grabbing or twisting. For a vanity, we ensure the mirror is large enough and placed at the correct angle so that those sitting down can have full view.



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