Top Accessible Bathroom Options

When it comes to your bathroom, your needs should always come first. There are always various trends regarding bathroom design. However, if you have a disability, some of the more common options may be unhelpful, if not dangerous. Accessible bathrooms allow you to live your life free of hazards in your home.

Flat Floors

Bathrooms designed with disabilities in mind tend to have flat floors. You walk across a flat floor into the shower. Even if you or the people in your family do not have disabilities, a flat floor bathroom results in fewer accidents. Most people do not know when disability is going to strike. Someone could suffer an accident that leaves them physically disabled. In these cases, having a flat floor already makes it easier for that person to bathe regularly with fewer problems.

Transfer Systems

While you may consider shower seats and benches, these are not always good options. These options tend to move around and be more dangerous. Wet surfaces make it easier for the benches to move and become a falling hazard. Transfer systems help you move over the tub to the shower in a seated position. Some can even lift your legs to help you over the tub’s edge.

Transfer systems may help caregivers too. On the one hand, you can shower safely without fear of falling. On the other, caregivers do not have to worry about lifting you over the bathtub’s edge. Even strong caregivers may have difficulty lifting patients into the shower. A transfer system takes the pressure off of your caregivers.

Most homes on the market do not have accessible bathrooms already installed. Instead, you may need to do your remodeling to ensure that you can bathe safely without the fear of falling. Different shower, tub and transfer seat options can make your bathroom more accessible.