Deciding When Leaking Pipe Repair is a DIY Project or Best Left to the Pros


Leaking pipes can quickly become a major issue in your home. From minor leaking to major water flow, it’s important to keep your pipes up to date and leak free. If you suspect a leak in your home’s plumbing, here are some factors to determine whether the leak needs professional repairs or can be tackled on your own.

Size of the Leak

Are you dealing with a dripping faucet or a gushing water line? Both your water lines and your sewer pipes can form a leak for a number of reasons. Frozen pipes, accidental cut lines or corroded lines are all sources of water that need to be fixed.

Minor leaks can be temporarily sealed with plumbers tape or epoxy. More major cracks need to be cut out and the entire length of pipe replaced. Whether your home uses copper, PVC or PEX lines can make the cost and skill required to replace your line vary. Each of these come with their own replacement tools and materials, and copper lines, in particular, can be difficult if you aren’t an experienced plumber,


Because your sewer lines and water lines navigate crawl spaces and wall cavities to reach your fixtures, leaks can form nearly anywhere in your home. Leaking pipes in your walls can be extremely difficult to reach, while a minor leak directly under your sink can be easier to reach. Consider how convenient it is to find the trouble spot before tackling it on your own. A professional plumber will have the necessary tools and techniques to fix difficult spots without damaging the rest of your home.

Long-Term Solutions

Even simple patches are only short-term solutions. If you need a long-lasting solution for leaking pipes, contact a local plumber or construction contractor today. From emergency services to remodeling, improve your water lines and prevent minor leaks from becoming major water damage.